“Many of my works are the result of an aestheticisation of the scenery or the photographed objects. For me, however, aestheticisation does not necessarily mean beauty. Reduction or focusing on a detail can lead to a very ambivalent statement. Working out simplicity is often a highly complex process, if not the most difficult thing.”


Books and other publications. If available, entries are linked to the respective reference sources. Please contact me to inquire about self-published books.




Stefanie Minzenmay:
Protected Privacy

23 × 31,7 × 5,2 cm
Ed. 20
Hardcover, layflat with gallery board
42 pages, English/German/Italian, with words by Freddy Langer & Stefanie Minzenmay
4/0 color Euroskala digital print
ISBN: 978-3-948059-03-3


TSV_ZINE 004 Hunting Shadows
ISSN 2629-1584

w/k Zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst - Online-Journal
Einführungsrede von Irene Daum zur Ausstellung "Quintessenz" im Ballhaus, Düsseldorf 


Publikationen SMY Homepage

Zur gleichen Zeit
IHK Köln and GLOBE Oldenburg
28 × 33 cm
self-published 2021
Ed. 100 + 10 with print 20 × 26 cm on Hahnemühle PhotoRag
42 photographs with texts by Dr. Ulrich Soénius and
Elisabeth von Wedel
EUR 39,– / with print EUR 120,–

Kunst aus Neuss
ISBN 978-3-932933-20-2


exibart online publication
Stefanie Minzenmay alla galleria fotoforum, Bolzano

Stadt undTransformation
exhibition catalog, 30 Years Anniversary of City Partnership, Neuss, Rijeka, Pskov


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Natürlich Unnatürlich
28 x 33 cm
self-published 2019
Edition 100 + 10 with print 20 x 26 cm on Hahnemühle PhotoRag
44 photographs with a text by Wolfgang Zurborn
EUR 39,– / with print EUR 120,–

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DFA Magazin 34
Annual Magazine of Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (DfA)

Salon Publikation
published at Salon Verlag, Magazin No. 12, Dez 2019,
ISBN 978-3-89770-516-6

Im Auftrag der Gesellschaft
ISBN 978-3-936542-91-2

Selfie in Arles
Leporello, Self-Published


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fish magazine
Odessa 2018
ISSN 2518-7562

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we were here
published by Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden
ISBN 978-3-00-059792-3


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Hellerau – Fotografien
published 2017 by Verlag der Kunstagentur Dresden
ISBN 978-3-9817866-3-7

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Kolga Tbilisi Photo
2017 Photo Contest
Exhibition, Education, Communication

Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2017

Online Publication Hellerau by Stefanie Minzenmay
dodho magazine – Photographers around the world

dodho Photo magazine issue 4 Photographers around the world

The Theater of Real Life vol 10
publication series of Lichtblick School Cologne

Protected Privacy — Protect Yourself!
Interview about the series, dodho Photography Magazine

Protected Privacy!
MagazineFotoRoom Online publication


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Exhibition catalogue 2016
Portraits Hellerau Photography Award 2016
ISBN 978-3-9817866-1-3

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dodho issue 01
January 2016

LensCulture Portraits Award 2016
Online exhibition, Competition Gallery

LensCulture 2016: Online exhibition
Emerging Talent Competition Gallery


online photography magazine

Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards
Exhibition Catalogue

Stefanie Minzenmay is a photographer based in Neuss & Oldenburg, Germany.
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